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  • Here are a few thoughts on Websites,

    what can you do ?

    what can you try ?

    So without further adue lets get into it … .

    Search Engine Optimization or SEO

    With the advent of the internet and companies, groups and people of all types getting their presence online, we have been forced to “Optimize” our websites. Well …. in a way it’s good , we are being pushed to better our Web Presence, to make our content easier for others on the World WideWeb to find us, our goods, our companies etc etc etc …

    Thus SEO came about , now bear in mind no matter how good you optimise your site, there will always be a smarter way a better way tomorrow. So its an on going job to keep web sites optimised, and if you check your website against different companies they will give obviously different results. In any case it’s always good to check with them to see how your site is “ranked”, and most of the time you will be given a few suggestions…. these you have to weigh up.

    So here are a few links and resources you may like to use …

    PageSpeed Insights



    Website Submission

    Now we all have heard that there are over¬†644,275,754 million websites available as of today (26/3/2015), and in such you have search engines that you use to find the item you want. So with that if you create a new website it would be advisable to submit it to at least the main Search engines, or you can wait till a search engine finds you and crawls your site and then adds you to its directory. So take a moment and submit your website , there are so many free web submission sites available, but be wary … . Click on the links below

     Submit to Google

    Submit to Bing (Microsoft)

    Google adsense

    What is Google Adsense? How does it work? Did you notice the ads on this page?

    Do you want ADS so be on your webpage , well thats easy to do. There are a few providers who will put adds on your page , and if you get alot and I mean alot of clicks on it ….Yes you can earn some money from it. But be realistic money does not roll in, your website/page needs to be visited by lots of people , and then they need to be enticed by what the ad has.

    Right Google Adsense is easy to setup, just click here and register for that service. Google will then give you a code that you put into your website page. Once they are happy with your content and that you have done everything correctly, they will activate the ads for you . Be patient it takes up to a few days. The cool thing is you can customise what your add looks like and what type of ads will be shown on your website. So all in all it does actually add to your site.

    One word of CAUTION do not click on the ads on your own website from your computer…..its a big NO No from Google , and they could deactivate the ads . So you can’t click 1000 times on your ads to make money lol.