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  • Virus Malware Trojans and other Nasties

    The internet is the only place where there isĀ perpetual winter somewhere and you probably will catch something, a Bug ! It could be a Virus , Malware , Trojan or some other Nastie.

    If you are on the internet or you download things or receive a mail, you could be getting a free Bug. Some just waste time and space on your system while others copy data and send it back to their creators, and others kill your computer or mess it up real good.

    We are trained exterminators (ok we are not really trained we are chosen lol) and have at our disposal the very best of non GMO Software that track down these nasties and eradicate them. We have some very awesome proprietary methods to help clean your system. Now as all things done well they take time, and to properly get rid of whatever ales your system we take our time. So before you ask how long a piece of string is we just don't know till we unravel it and then measure it for you. So it could take an hour or seven or sixteen, we just don't know and we will not be rushed either !

    If you chose the "Full Computer Hardware & Software Clean" then you know there is one price that will cover everything, now the pricing is listed somewhere hard to find on our website, but if you can't find it please give us a call and we will tell you the price in a whisper.... because it's so secret.

    During the Hardware Clean we also eradicate those awful and dangerous Dust Bunnies that take up squatter rights in your computer. Now this should only be attempted by trained and veteran professionals like us, please do not try this at home. Dust Bunnies can set up home in any part of your computer, they also multiply like 'bunnies', and soon have a thriving ecosystem and have cities in place. Now although they look harmless and ever so cute they are not, "Dust Bunnies" can cause real damage to any computer. The more dust bunnies you have the more the components they are on will increase in temperature and slowly kill the component through over heating.

    We do not charge any extra for any "Dust Bunny" funerals and we include it in our package because we are such nice people.