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     SE Computers provides end to end telecommunication solutions in both New Zealand and Australia with a Telco-partner. This positions SE Computers very well in the marketplace in order to provide an all of business solution to meet your current and ongoing needs and requirements.

     Toll Free Services

    Our Telco-partner has developed key features and intelligence reporting that has positioned them as the Toll Free experts in New Zealand. They deliver Toll Free solutions from very basic requirements through to some of the most complex toll free set ups in New Zealand and Australia. The solutions encompass some unique features, billing and reporting capabilities that can enable cost effective routing and measurement of client engagement at the front end of your business.

    Some of our key features are as follows:

     Complex Geographic Routing 17 to 455 region

    • Number Originating Routing
    • Complex Call prompting for routing of Mobile calls
    • Local/Local Billing Structure – Single Toll Free service with different entities sharing the number and billed calls received within their geographic area.
    • Local/National Billing Structure - Single toll free number with calls billed at Answer point level
    • Business Continuity Plans - multiple routing plans designed in line with your Business Continuity Plan
    • Reporting Services – Full suite of reports that can be sent to multiple subscribers such as department leaders or key staff and tailored in line with the visibility required. These can be sent daily, weekly or monthly.
    • International Toll Free and Unified International Toll Free Services

     In terms of pricing they do have set rate plans, and these are generally used for new business without current toll free services. For clients with existing toll free services as part of their value add proposition they perform bespoke analysis and pricing based upon current traffic levels to ensure that pricing is based upon individual usage.

    Fixed Line Telephony Access

    Our Telco-partner provides a range of fixed line telephony access services ranging from PSTN, ISDN basic Rate Access, ISDN Primary Rate Access, Centrex and Carrier Grade SIP trunk services. These can be provided in line with client requirements and recommendations would be made based upon the scope of requirements as to which service fits your business needs.

    Standard PSTN and ISDN Basic rate services have standard list pricing, however Primary rate ISDN, SIP Trunking and Centex services are priced upon application and based upon network feasibility and availability.

    Layer 2 Carrier Grade SIP Trunking

     Session Initiated Protocol as a form of delivering telephony services has been present in New Zealand for many years, however during this time there has been very little choice in terms of a stable carrier grade solution. This has resulted in many negative experiences within the market place that has seen the cost benefits of SIP outweighed by negative impact upon business productivity through unstable services that have either been delivered across inferior delivery mechanisms such as broadband, or through data compression resulting in poor quality calling and stability issues.

     Our Telco-partner has worked in partnership with Tier 1 wholesale partners to develop a true carrier grade solution, to be delivered as a layer2 solution without the need for SIP traffic to be extrapolating public internet facing routers. Through this process our Telco-partner also assisted with the testing and certification process for key PABX brands currently in the New Zealand marketplace.

     Unlike ISDN, there is currently no Global Standard in terms of the delivery of SIP services, however due to the robust testing and certification process undertaken for PABX’s to be deployed on this service, a standard delivery and configuration template has been developed in order to address the different PABX models to remove any unforeseen bugs or configuration issues experienced with other SIP services in the market place.

    The resulting solution is the standard replacement for ISDN Primary Rate access moving forward that delivers high quality voice that has been graded higher than ISDN in terms of MOS scoring.

     In terms of Delivery of the SIP trunk solution, this can be delivered either over dedicated copper circuit or Fibre and this must be delivered by our Telco-partner. The delivery circuits are priced upon application based upon network feasibility investigation.

     Each SIP channel is delivered with 100Kbps bandwidth in order to ensure that there is sufficient bandwidth to deliver the required 64 Kbps for the optimum voice quality. The service will only be delivered with a G711 codec.

     In terms of pricing, access delivery methods are priced on application, upon which a network feasibility is conducted and pricing can be provided within 5 business days. SIP calling rates are determined based upon analysis of current calling traffic.

    Internet, Data & WAN Services

    Our Telco-partner can provide a range of Internet, Data and WAN services through strategic partners in line with business requirements and budgets.

    Internet services range from standard Business Broadband, VDSL , Dedicated Copper and Fibre, or UFB. Depending upon whether the requirement is for a wires only or managed service will depend upon the network partner we will engage to provide your data services.

    VDSL, Dedicated internet, UFB and WAN services are all priced upon application.

    Audio Conference

    Our Telco-partner advanced Audio Conferencing solution is the perfect way to conduct business meetings with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

    Our Telco-partner Audio Conferencing uses state of the art technology to provide you with high quality audio conferencing services. The audio conferencing solution allows you to hold meetings quickly and cost effectively with a range of difference audiences both in New Zealand and around the world.

    This powerful service enables you to get your message out to a broad or very specific audience at a predetermined date and time, and benefit from always being in control with fully-featured conference facilities.

    Benefits of Audio conference

    • Increase productivity and revenue –spend less time travelling to and from meetings, and more time making sales  
    • Improve staff communication – easily connect with your mobile staff work force at any time
    • Cost-effective – competitive compared to physically holding meetings and conferences
    • Easy to manage – billing integrated with your existing Telco services, and on-going support from your dedicated Zintel Account Manager