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  • We have just the right computer / laptop and a few other devices for your specific needs. Also we are honored to be selected as the only NZ & Australia reseller for the oem SCORPION TEK ©


    Refurbished Technology

    Do you need technology but don’t have the budget, we can help – from laptops, PC’s, Servers, Racks, Monitors and more. We have an awesome selection of refurbished computing solutions, brands include HP, Dell, Lenovo, Apple, IBM, Intel, Hitachi, Lenovo, Compaq, Toshiba and more.

    We have what you are looking for in affordable refurbished technology, awesome for Point of Sale, Schools, Small business users and Home computing.

    Contact us directly on Phone 0800 16 8384 or sales@secomputers.co.nz




    Supplies custom computers that are designed specifially to fill the GAMER / GRAPHIC market, with a focus to keep the end cost resonable to the end user. The designers of these computers have been in the gaming and graphic rendering sector for a very long time. SCORPION TEK ® recently moved from their umbrella company, to focus solely on their speciality.

    So if you are looking for your own custom Graphic or Gamer PC , look no further. We receive shipments every week, so just let us know what you are after, what your heart desires. We will then pass your requirements onto SCORPION TEK ®, and you will get a computer that you have dreamed of and some more.



    Black Mamba The latest release from SCORPION TEK is here at last , yes we have the BLACK MAMBA , and all we can say is wow what a complete system, and we mean complete. This computer would sort a Gamer / Graphics individual.

    The system comprises of the computer with all the Bells and Whistles inside(see more details, Full Tower PC Case, AMD 8 CORE 4.0Ghz/4.2Ghz 16MB Cache, Military Grade Motherboard, 16GB RAM, Premium CPU Cooler, Video Card 8GB GDDR5 TRI-X PCI-E 3.0, 1 x 1TB HDD 64MB SATA3, 1 x 250GB SSD SATA3 6GB/s, 24x DVDRW ), 24″ Premium Super Slim IPS LCD Monitor, Multemedia Speaker System, HD Webcam HD720p video with built in (RightSound) mic and 3megapixel picture, world’s only 4000 dpi Gaming Mouse, illuminated Gaming Keyboard and to complete the package Microsoft Windows 8.1 64bit OEM.

    This computer will be custom setup for you prior to leaving our workshop, including a few extra pieces of software including Anti-Virus.

    RRP is $3822.55

    All our computers are Shipped for free within New Zealand.

    A special introductory price of $ 3599.50

    Click here for full system specifications