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  • For more information call 0800 16 8384

    SDOG House, 2a Mc Bain Grove, Avalon, Lower Hutt, 5010

  • Mail in Repair

  • Living outside of Wellington or too busy to drop off in our store? Not a Problem !!
    Post it to us and we will have the repair done within hours and ready to ship on the next available shipment in few simple steps.

    Once you've submitted your Job, you'll receive a confirmation email, Simply print this out , add it to the box containing your device. Remember to keep the tracking ID.

    Post your device to our service center listed below. Please do not post SIM, SD card or any other accessory, also make a backup of your data please.

                    SE Computers

                    SDOG House
                    713 High street,
                    Lower Hutt,
                    0800 16 8384

    After receiving your device we will send you a confirmation email of receiving it. Once we have diagnosed your system, we will send you a quote and once you approve then only will we proceed with the repair. Once the job is done and passes QC, we will invoice you and you can pay online.

    As soon as payment is received, your device is shipped back to you the same day. please read our Term & Conditions.


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