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  • Repairs , Yes we can Repair almost anything and some of our clients have even tried us with old turn of the century Radio's, with knobs and dials ...who remembers those beauties, electric shavers and even fishing tackle . Ok we like to fish and we sort our own tackle, or should I say I enjoy feeding the fish and leaving some of my great gear in the ocean ummmmmm if you need me you are sure to find me on a pier on the weekend ummmmm feeding fish as per usual, stop by and have a chat ...at least it will take my mind off the fishing lol.

    But YES we repair all Computers, Laptops , Tablets , Servers and more ..... Xbox , Play Station and so on and on and on

    We also do a very special service that no one else in Wellington does , why because its the truth lol . It took years to gather the right knowledge the right know-how , the right equipment. Let alone the propriatory software to help the process along. So we put it all together and here we are, we have this very specialised process. Lucky us and lucky you

    The ULTIMATE Hardware & Software clean for your computer in Wellington

    ***A WOF for your computer***

    New Year special !!! ! oops you have to call us for our special price today

    Is Normally $179

    Every day we use our computers for emails , downloading files , internet searches, sharing files with work/family/friends .

    With all that we gather clutter in our computers on a daily basis, this leads to your system slowing down or freezing and viruses/Trojans/malware/pop ups start finding ways into your computer system.

    Then there is also the physical dust and stuff that gets sucked into your computer , this over time builds up and slows down your fan, which leads to overheating and damage of internal components

    A WOF for your computer gets rid of all the above , and you get back a computer that is clean and runs better. Then we also tweak your system to make it work even better!

    So is a service for your computer worth keeping your precious files accessible – YES

    Is a computer a necessity today – YES

    Is peace of mind important to you for all your computer needs – YES

    Get a WOF for your computer today as this offer will not last

    7 Point Computer Clean (WOF)

    Full Computer Clean (Trojan, Malware, Virus, Registry, Temp files, System Tweaking, IP, and a few more proprietary cleans) including the Hardware clean

    Your local Computer Repair/Service/Support company ;o)


    If you need a new or ex-lease computer/monitor/mouse/keyboard/modem/printer/CCTV/tablet etc.. . we can help you!

    We can also setup your home computing or small business’s needs!


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