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  • FAQ

    • Lost the start button on your windows 8 or 8.1?

      Or you just don't like the new look and feel? Then add the start button back with Classic shell

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    • Windows 8 tutorials

      Check out these free Windows 8 Training videos

      Click here to view them

    • How can you offer such low pricing compared to other repair services in the area?

      Most of our work comes in via recommendations & repeat business & walk-ins; we don’t have to spend a massive amount on advertising. We also believe in charging a fair price for the work we do.

    • G Data Antivirus

      German Antivirus Software

      Click here to Download it Now

    • Mac Free Antivirus

      Keep your Mac safe with Avira Antivirus

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    • Can you replace broken laptop screens?

      Yes of course, this is one of the most common repairs we do and is much cheaper than buying a new laptop.  Call us for a quote, we stock most laptop screens and can swap those we have in stock the same day!

    • 360 Total Security Antivirus Free

      Supports Windows 10

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    • Remote Support

      To remotely support you please download this software

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    • What is a firewall?

      A firewall helps make your computer invisible to online attackers and blocks some malicious software such as viruses, worms, and trojans. A firewall can also help prevent software on your computer from accessing the Internet to accept updates and modification without your permission.

    • Computer consumables

      Toners , ink all available online and they deliver.

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    • Anti Porn for Children

      tuEagles Anti-Porn is the best parental control software which protects your kids from inappropriate websites.

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    • What is antivirus software?

      Antivirus software helps protect your computer against specific viruses and related malicious software, such as worms and trojans. Antivirus software must be kept up to date. Updates are generally available through a subscription from your antivirus vendor.

    • LibreOffice Free

      A free Office suite

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    • Laptop Batteries

      Take a look on this site for a Laptop Battery Replacement

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    • XP update patch embedded

      Wanting to extend the Update life of your Windows XP home or Pro, then download this file and unzip it, run it and then you will continue.

      to get updates.

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