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  • Data Recovery

  • Data Erase & Recovery Services

    We offer two very different services for our Clients.

    1. Data Recovery
      • We can help you recover lost data from your computer / laptop / well almost any device that stores data. Just bring it on in and let us do some magic for you.
    2. Data Erase
      • We are the only truly specialised service provider in this area, offering Data erasing that is DoD certified (Department of Defence)


  • Data Erase / Formatting / Deletion / Gone

    We offer 3 different intensive erase options as shown in the picture to the right. Depending on your needs we will fit the best solution to you requirements.
    This service is used by Home Users, Businesses (Doctors, Lawyers, Executives, NPO's , NGO's etc... .) and Government bodies to securely DELETE/ERASE DATA.
    So that it can not be reanimated by anyone ever.....