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  • Ask anydust-laptop-fan qualified computer technician. They will tell you that it is critical computers are rid of dust. Although each speck may not amount to much, when dust is left to accumulate, it can wreak havoc on your system. Keeping your CPU, monitor, keyboard dust-free cdust-buildupan go a long way in extending the life of your computer.

    Computers & Laptops have moving parts inside them. There is always 1 fan inside the case that cools the Central Processing Unit (CPU). If the dust builds up on these fans, they may seize and fail to operate – resulting in an overheated system. This can damage your motherboard and ultimately your hard drive… a potential disaster.

    Just as reg400px-QTIP_MOTHERBOARD_-ERMIular oil changes and tune-ups will help keep your car in satisfactory working condition, computers can benefit from preventive maintenance.

    All told, dust can cause the most damage to your computer. Keeping the fan vents free of dust is particularCleaningly critical. If the dust builds up, the computer will overheat and damage your hard drive.





    A comprehensive Computer / Laptop Hardware Clean for only ….well you are going to have to call us for this special ;o)


    Your Computer is taken to pieces, and every piece is cleaned.

    Your CPU & Graphics card is given a fresh Thermal Transfer paste/tabs, to keep it working just right.

    Your Fans are also re-greased should they need it.

    Screen cleaned

    Keyboard treated with a special germ cleaner

    This service helps your system and may increase it’s life expectancy, so save on buying a new system with this simple process and call us today