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  • About Us


    SE Computers was started as a place where local people and businesses can enjoy superior service and support for all their computing needs.

    SE Computers is part of a larger body of IT companies , including our Auckland branch - Kumeu Computer Services.

    Locally owned and operated IT business.


    We are passionate about IT and all that it touches and affects. We love what we do everyday and this shows in the sevice we supply to our customers.

    SE Computers is a company who's primary focus is not firstly financial, and NO we are not a Free Service Provider ... . We rather focus on customer service and satisfaction , and this means we take our time fixing problems and finding the best solution for your personal needs either private or in business. We take real pride in what we deliver to a customer, and the real satisfaction our service gives to our customers. If you want a quick cheap job done please look elsewhere.

    Our rates are more than affordable especially taking into concideration what is done in the back end, yes we do mystical wonderful things you never get to see unless you have been veted and have the right security clearance form, and you have submitted the correct form - Doc 2005ES section 5, subsection F , paragragh 1-2016 , and pages 19 - 17654 . (please note this document is not available nor are we working on it lol)


  • Sandor Egyed

    I have been in the IT industry for over 20 years now, working both for myself and for companies like NZ Racing Board, Brightpoint, Amalgamated Dairies Group and Lateralmind Solutions, Charta Packaging Ltd(Visy group) and Nufti.  I am proud to be part of our local Hutt business community and believe we offer the best value for money in the district.

    On a personal note I speak a few languages - English, Hungarian, Afrikaans. As with anything with no practice ones looses contact with the other languages I used to know a little of - German, Dutch, Zulu.

  • Neil McLeod

    For truly great service in Auckland look no further than our local branch - Kumeu Computer Services

    Founded in 2006, Kumeu Computer Services Ltd was the brainchild of Neil & Erin McLeod.  Neil, a born and bred Helensville boy, was surprised to see that there was little computer service support for locals in the Kumeu/Helensville area.  So, after years of owning PC service shops around Auckland, and working for large corporates such as Air New Zealand, Sky City and Ultra Computers, Neil decided to open Kumeu Computer Services – a place where local people and businesses can enjoy superior service and support for all their computing needs.