• Professional technical support for homes and businesses

  • For more information call 0800 16 8384

    SDOG House, 2a Mc Bain Grove, Avalon, Lower Hutt, 5010

  • We specialise in computer / laptop and server repairs . We are also the only company in Wellington offering the Ultimate Full Computer & Laptop (Hardware & Software) clean for your system.

  • We remove all nasties from your systems, including those elusive and dangerous "Dust bunnies".

  • We have specialized equipment we use for Data recovery which is DoD (Department of Defence) certified. So you know you are getting only the best service.

  • The most comprehensive Hardware Clean in Wellington for your Computer / Laptop / Tablet / Servers / Apple Mac / XBOX console & Playstation console.

  • Microsoft Certified Engineers work on all your Windows products, providing you with the best solutions from real world experience.

  • Get your Apple Laptops and Computers cleaned by us.

  • We have set up all types of local and remote networks, using all types of mediums - cable,wireless,radio,satelite,fibre,fax,pony express etc.

  • We will secure your device/network to the specifications you require, then we can test those security measures.

    We are not saying we know any Black/White/Lavender Hats ;o)

  • For one on one or for groups we offer tailored training solutions, get knowledge and know-how now

  • Website Design

    Helping to create intuitive / responsive / multi-platform and funky websites for our customers. We will also help you to rank your website #1 on Google / Bing / Yahoo with SEO.

  • Toll Free, Fixed Line, SiP,Internet,Data & Wan Services, Audio Conferences

  • Let us match your needs with the right Cloud Services

  • SE Computers - your personal IT Department. Great for any Small business or Individual that needs computer maintenance and repairs.

    Based in Lower Hutt, offering the only Ultimate Full Computer Clean in the Wellington region.


     We are the Very Best Computer & Laptop Repair company in Lower Hutt, Wellington with 100’s of happy customers.

    There are many so called PC repair shops around now, many of whom employ young technicians with little experience to fix one of your most important assets - your computer. But here at SE Computers we are a servicing company with over 21 years in the industry, so if you want the job done right first time, then come in and see us today. Our rates are very affordable and are available online for you to see.

    SE Computers provides repairs for all computers, laptops & tablets. This covers anything from Virus removal, Data backup & Recovery, Website design, Device hardware clean, Software repairs and tweaking as a starters, please see our detailed website for more services we offer.

    From a home computer used for checking personal emails through to networked computers supporting your business, we know that downtime can be of vital importance. Here at SE Computers we pride ourselves on turning around most computer repairs either same day or next day. There are of course always times where this is not possible (availability and ordering of required parts etc) but we will always try to provide a solution that can work for you.

    We also service devices from across New Zealand. We have couriers deliver us devices to repair or to configure daily, once we receive the device we get to work, and then we courier your computer back to you when it is all done.... so simple. Wherever you are in New Zealand, well almost anywhere. We provide no service into Mordor or surrounding areas due to heavy Orc activity in the past.

    Let’s discuss Virus Removal for a moment also – SE Computers is here to provide all of the virus removal help that you'll need. SE Computers covers the A-Z of virus removal services. Every week we respond to emergency virus removal calls for customers who are being attacked by a wide variety of Internet threats including Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Spyware, Malware and spam. We provide you the best virus removal service, as well as detection and most importantly prevention for your computers. One of the biggest question’s when opening e-mails or surfing the internet is whether or not the content is virus-laden. Viruses can do anything - from stealing your personal or business information to simply slowing down your system to the point of non-functionality, and some viruses even encrypt your data and then demand money to unencrypt it. Which is why you need the fastest virus removal service available, so give us a call or bring your device to us.

    We are the first port of call (funny because we are near the sea - I crack myself up sometimes lol) for all of Wellington. We are the best choice for computer repairs wellington and laptop repairs wellington only dare I say best IT company in repairs, well ok then I said it "We are the best". Let alone computer repairs in lower hutt or if you need laptop repairs in lower hutt we are phenomenal, we do offer the usual mobile computer repairs or as some say computer on wheeels, we are cost efficient, not cheap either but affordable for the quality of service you receive from us, we are geeks on site for you.


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  • Great, quick service. Picked up and returned my laptop the next day, keeping me informed about what the problem was and how it would be fixed.

    Rating: Bradley M.

  • Speedy and effective service that collects and delivers straight to your door. Very useful for the working man! Much cheaper than buying a new laptop!

    Rating: Simon S.